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Tango Wango

Self-proclaimed gravity defy-er with a desire to rule the world. Most of the stuff here are reblog of things that I love.

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i like boys in theory and then one gets too close to me adn im like nah



I hope one day to do anything with as much confidence as Aaron Tveit’s entrance in “One Day More” at the Oscars



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This show is gold.

yep ouran high school host club

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2003 Johnny’s FAN 感謝祭

all the idiots dorks and derps in one group yep TOKIO lol

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why be interested in people close to your age when you can be interested in people twice your age that are twice as attractive and twice as unlikely to ever reciprocate your feelings

yeeeep never has a text post be more accurate than this yep

Zodiac Expression of Nerves

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yep spot on

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Me in 20 years.


Me in 20 years.


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My standards for boys:

  • tall
  • dark hair
  • stubble
  • cute smile
  • love horseback riding
  • unusually long life span
  • speak elvish
  • secretly be the heir to the throne of Gondor
  • Aragorn
  • be Aragorn
yep don't talk to me if you're not Aragorn

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comic about how I’ve been feeling recently

hoho yep just dragging myself day to day