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Self-proclaimed gravity defy-er with a desire to rule the world. Most of the stuff here are reblog of things that I love.

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creeper perv!okada lol wadeheck V6

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Miyake Ken on positive people.

reblogging this again me and Ken are just the same miss jevo is usually the victim of this infact I just did this to her few weeks ago lol oh hey miss jevo sorry dude V6

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新堂本兄弟 08.03.2014 (x)

In which Ken is, as always, a little shit (especially to Okada)


lol this reminds me I'm similar to Ken I like to look at flustered people though my method is less obnoxious than Ken lol V6


Koichi was talking about how Nakamaru was quite the apologist and mature member of KAT-TUN back when they were juniors when Kamenashi and Ueda cut in and said that that was how he wiggled himself to the front. Koichi then replied saying that Johnny-san actually likes that kind of people the best and shared a little nugget.

"There was once I went to see a V6 concert with Johnny-san. At one point in it, only Okada…only Kanbee started moving in a different direction from the rest of the group. I was there in the crowd thinking ‘Ah, Okada you messed up didn’t you?’ When Johnny-san suddenly went ‘Okada! How cool!’"

im pretty sure okada just spotted something interesting and wasn't purposely doing anything cool lol V6

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this is all so priceless look at those faces lol V6

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Part 1 Part 2


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Part 1 

lol V6


剛健❤️❤️ マイペースな末っ子。←



lol not sure what is going on with goken but both of them looks like they weight nothing lol V6

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Strange comment by Okada


Strange comment by Okada

'Sutookaa yattemitainaa' 'I want to try being a stalker' bahahaha omg he really start young creeper perv!okada V6

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Go: Ken and Okada used to argue all the time back then. It was so hilarious. Ken has a silver tongue and says stuff out of the blue, but Okada often held back. But even then there were times when Okada would say “it’s not right for you to say that.” And then Ken would take it even further. Isn’t that all so trivial?!

these two babies V6