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Tango Wango

Self-proclaimed gravity defy-er with a desire to rule the world. Most of the stuff here are reblog of things that I love.

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wait what is this story about again SIlver Spoon Sakamoto Masayuki

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hitting a daisenpai with a bigass fan: once in a lifetime

lololooool this was so epic i cant

bahahaha I can't stop laughing gussan immediate reaction is too funny TOKIO Higashiyama Noriyuki Sakamoto Masayuki

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higashi san X Masa  东昌

so cool!!!!

Holy mother of all that’s good and pure.

Pretty much. *A*

when I first saw this poster I thought Sakamoto is holding a woman and when I stare longer I was like holy sh*t that's higashiyama?? woah I want to watch this Higashiyama Noriyuki Sakamoto Masayuki

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the adorableness that is heikeha

omg look at these babies bb sakamoto and bb nagano also bb tokio Heikeha Sakamoto Masayuki Nagano Hiroshi Kokubun Taichi Joshima Shigeru Yamaguchi Tatsuya only Inocchi is missing

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DVD ….please….  >_<

what is even going on in the first picture Sakamoto Masayuki V6


July 24th ♥ 坂本昌行 (Sakamoto Masayuki)
Happy 42nd Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!〜

V6 Sakamoto Masayuki Happy Birthday

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Happy 42nd birthday!!

Happy Birthday Sakamoto Masayuki V6

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V6 Sakamoto Masayuki

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V6 Sakamoto Masayuki

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V6 Sakamoto Masayuki