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Tango Wango

Self-proclaimed gravity defy-er with a desire to rule the world. Most of the stuff here are reblog of things that I love.

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Good Morning!

the girl behind Ken is that Shinohara Tomoe? the one they always like to bully everytime they went to Kinki show wait it IS her that's her name on the last GIF OMG she said TODAY IS MY BEST FRIEND KENKEN awww so cute they're still best friend after all this time what's more she uses Shinyuu that's like bestest of best V6 Miyake Ken Morita Go Shinohara Tomoe

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The two sides of love.

GoKen bros for life V6 Miyake Ken Morita Go

V6 Morita Go

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V6 Morita Go why so cute

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Even after all this time we can still call them “Coming century kids” (かみっこ)

precious bbies V6 Okada Junichi Miyake Ken Morita Go Kamisen

V6 Morita Go

V6 Morita Go attractive

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V6 Morita Go

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nope not going to comment on this lolol these two idiots V6 Inohara Yoshihiko Morita Go and whatever Nagano's head doing there lol

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V6 Kamisen Miyake Ken Morita Go Okada Junichi