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Self-proclaimed gravity defy-er with a desire to rule the world. Most of the stuff here are reblog of things that I love.

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in which maru decides to put on a cheap midwest stripper performance instead of using the microphone stand as a rock singer. 

bahahahaha omg maruuu this is why you're my ichiban I can see Ryo cringing inside you can pinpoint the exact moment when Ryo was thinking why am I the same group with this idiot lol Kanjani 8 only you guys can pull this off

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I have very mixed feelings about Dash ItteQ, especially this one. I mean they had awesome shows like ItteQ and Mirai Theater that presented a guy who can catch arrows and a guy who make amazing pictures on rice fields and then they had footage about a guy who holds up to 200 kg on his balls or the guy who can fart for 40 seconds. And they discussed it too and this happened:

Host: Idols don’t fart, do they?

Maruyama: We do!

Hina: We do. Kanjani do.

Host: What about TOKIO?

Yamaguchi: Of course we do. 

Host: What about NEWS?

Koyashige: We don’t.

I just thought you all needed to know.

you should have expected that answers when you asked K8 and TOKIO idiots i just love them so much Kanjani 8 TOKIO NewS

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wow ohkura i didn't recognize you there you look so..different? like why are you so skinny well you're never been chubby or anything but you look way more skinnier than usual Kanjani 8

lol look at that cute smile maru why are you so cute Kanjani 8



lol very subtle advertsing there kanjani 8 and ahh it's been such a while since the last performance of V6 everyone is so cute even that not japanese ossan lol V6 Kanjani 8




oh hey miss jevo what I told you before Kanjani 8


gufufufufuuuuuuuuuuu ~

no wait is that shinohara tomoe lol I think thats her aww I need to see this shinohara with johnnys is always gold lol Kanjani 8

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okay there maru lol Kanjani 8

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Yoko is too shy to reveal his body

yoko is afraid to show his one pack lol Kanjani 8

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Sometimes you see comments so perfect you feel the need to make a set out of them.

the most important post ever nsfw ? lol Kanjani 8 maru seems to be the yummiest or maybe Ohkura